• Donut Boot Camp

    Donut Boot Camp

    What does it take to be America’s Best Donut? Donut Boot Camp….

  • How To Master Debate

    How To Master Debate

    The almighty Richard Kind & Josh Malina show us whats really going on during a presidential  […]

  • The Cat Academy

    The Cat Academy

    Cats are better than us, they know this and now in begrudging act of graciousness (they […]

  • NESTEA – Little Moments

    NESTEA – Little Moments

    I wrote and directed this film NESTEA. They wanted a film to prove taking breaks is […]

  • Sony Bond – Online

    Sony Bond – Online

    With the release of the hugely successful Skyfall, Sony commissioned a series of virals featuring all things Bond-like, with a […]

  • Henchman Go Home

    Henchman Go Home

    Sick of one dimensional bad guys in action films? Same. So just what does happen when […]

  • Documentary Selection

    Documentary Selection

    Highlights of documentary work featuring: Reds Road Trip:  Two brits on a BBQ pilgrimage across America […]

  • Wall Of Death – Promo

    Wall Of Death – Promo

    Riding a vintage motorbike sideways on a wall of death built around 1927 is just a […]

  • Wall Of Death

    Wall Of Death

    When I heard about these guys, I just had to take my camera down and hang […]

  • Inia Taylor, Tattoo Artist

    Inia Taylor, Tattoo Artist

    To tell stories about artists  in a non-pretentious manner was the brief for this multi-award winning show ‘The […]

  • From A to B: Reds Pilgrimage

    From A to B: Reds Pilgrimage

    Sometimes it’s about being in the moment and to allow it to unravel around you, other […]

  • The Go! Team – 4 Play

    The Go! Team – 4 Play

    To celebrate the release of a new album, The Go! Team let me loose in their archive of Super […]